Portable Refrigeration Rental FAQs

We have refrigerated trailers in a variety of sizes. We have 5’x10′, 7’x10′, 6’x16′ and more.

Yes – It can actually hold 2 pallets on the floor.

Generators are available for locations where 115 V 20 amp circuits are not available.  25′ 50′ & 100′ power cords are available.

We are willing to work with you within the limits.

Obviously, we are very concerned about our trailers being stolen so they are rendered un-towable once in place. Keys will be provided for the back door.

The minimum is 3 days but after that as long as you want. We offer better rates for the longer periods.

While we offer emergency delivery most deliveries are during regular business hours. We do charge extra for emergency deliveries and deliveries out of the area.

Because of insurance regulations we pick up and deliver all trailers.  When a trailer is being towed it is covered under the insurance for the vehicle. Many vehicles do not have insurance for trailers and many drivers are not experienced towing trailers.

We service the greater Atlanta metropolitan area and are standard delivery rates are established for that area. We are willing to deliver and pick up outside that area however extra delivery costs are required.